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Unified Acupuncture Theory: Foundations - Online

This course introduces the Unified Acupuncture Theory (UAT) and thereby helps to understand the mechanisms of how acupuncture works. 

This course at a glance


12. – 13.12.2020


Sa./Su., 9:00 – 17:00 


14 hours


Jonathan Shubs




CHF 495.–




Certificate Program

About this course

This course introduces the Unified Acupuncture Theory (UAT) and thereby helps to understand the mechanisms of how acupuncture works. The UAT model is a tool that explains the underlying principles of meridian systems and interactions. Coming from an integrative mindset, the UAT facilitates inter-disciplinary approaches to acupuncture. Having a simple system that underlies all major acupuncture systems (Balance Method, I Ching, distal needling, 5 element theory, Saam acupuncture, Japanese acupuncture, Manaka acupuncture, TCM, etc.) allows practitioners to incorporate many different approaches into a coherent system for effective treatments. 


In the UAT Foundations course you learn the principles of:

  • Dr. Tan’s Balance Method

  • distal needling with imaging and mirroring

  • Master Tong’s acupuncture 

  • Japanse Meridian Theory and

  • applied channel theory that will give you rapid clinical results


Based on the I Ching, Yin/Yang and classical TCM theory, you get a clear understanding of how meridians interact using six different systems. Upon completion of the course you will be able to immediately apply the learned principles in your clinic and integrate it into your pre-existing knowledge of acupuncture.

In your clinical practice, after this course you will be able to apply the following:

  • Assess the pain and localized symptoms using meridian theory

  • Identify the affected meridian(s) and learning how to choose the most effective meridian(s) to interact

  • Use imaging and mirroring approach to choose the best place for the needle placement

This course is for licensed acupuncturists or senior level students of acupuncture.


«Jonathan Shubs has a very warm manner and a genuine interest in passing on his knowledge. He was very aware and sensitive to the needs of the group.

Elaine Y., Participant

About the Teacher


Jonathan Shubs

Geboren in Toronto, Kanada. TCM-Studium am Institut Shao Yang in Lyon, Frankreich. Spezialisierung in Japanischer, Koreanischer und Fünf-Elemente-Akupunktur. Jonathan Shubs hat sich auch mit Tai Qi und Qi Gong auseinandergesetzt. Zuerst in Toronto unter Prof. Sifu Philip Mo, später bei Prof. Zhi-Zhong Wang in Beijing und Prof. Mingchun Mao von der Shanxi University in Taiyuan. Führt eine TCM-Praxis in Lausanne.



Certificate Program

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