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Clinical Application of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and the Ghost Points - Hybrid*

In these three days, Jeffrey Yuen presents the clinical application of two elusive concepts in Chinese medicine: On Friday, he discusses the use of Sun Si-Miao’s Ghost Points in clinical practice, ranging from mental and neurological conditions to digestive and respiratory issues. On Saturday and Sunday, the focus lies on one of the most important channel systems of acupuncture, the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.


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April 26–28, 2024


Fr/Sa/Su, 09.00–17.00 




Jeffrey Yuen





CHF 260.00/day
CHF 695.00/3 days


Kirchgemeinehaus Liebestrasse, Liebestrasse 3,
8400 Winterthur, Switzerland

*Hybridunterricht bedeutet, dass der Unterricht aus

dem Klassenzimmer live übertragen wird. Damit ist auch eine

Online-Teilnahme möglich.

Recognition TCM Fachverband

Label-No. 24014


About this course

Friday, April 26, 2024

Clinical Applications of the Gui-Ghost Points

Endemic in all ancient societies is the belief in the transmigration of the ling-soul that participates in conception and death and its smooth transition during these processes as the non-material (shen) merges with or disintegrates from the material body (jing). Within Chinese culture, which is inseparable from Chinese medicine, lies the belief that an uneasy dying process could render aspects of the ling-soul into a gui-ghost. Such a disjunctive separation could cause gui-ghost to linger in the human realm and can become an etiology of disease. As these “superstitious” concepts began to be displaced through modernization or self-responsibility, the notion of gui-ghost was replaced with tangible substances, such as turbidity, dampness, and phlegm. Learn how to utilize the ghost points as recorded by the famed Tang Dynasty Daoist physician, Sun Si-Miao (581-682 CE), can be applied to clinical practice, ranging from mental and neurological conditions to digestive and respiratory issues.

Saturday-Sunday, April 27–28, 2024

Clinical Applications of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels

Qi Jing Ba Mai (Eight Extraordinary Vessels) are considered one of the most elusive and important channel systems of acupuncture. Elusive due to the difficulty of accessing these vessels historically and important as they are associated with the constitutional level of our existence. These channels are conduits of yuan-source qi which define our temperament (ben xing 本性) and the way we consciously or unconsciously articulate our genetic predisposition (ming yun 命運 fate-destiny). As such, these vessels play a crucial role in how yuan qi (元、原氣) disseminates yin and yang based on the influences of gender, age, culture, education, and lifestyle — or nature and nurture. Learn how to access these vessels and their significance in clinical practice, especially pertaining to congenital, familial, and cultural issues manifested as illnesses.


«I am fascinated by the depth of Jeffrey’s lectures!»

Sonja., Participant

About the teacher


Jeffrey C. Yuen is one of the most sought-after teachers of Chinese medicine throughout the world. He is an 88th generation Daoist priest from the Jade Purity School, Lao Tzu sect, and a 26th generation priest of the Complete Reality School, Dragon Gate sect. He apprenticed for more than 20 years in Classical Chinese Medicine and other Daoist healing arts with Master Yu Wen, who transmitted his lineage to Master Yuen before Master Yu Wen’s death at the age of 108. He also studied under the direct tutelage of Lu Xin-Zu, a Daoist priest of the Long Men tradition.

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