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UAT Meridian Interactions using I Ching

This course creates 12 distinct treatment patterns based on the I Ching Ba Gua, Unified Acupuncture Theory, and the balance method.

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March 25–26, 2023


Sa/Su, 9:00–17:00


14 hours


Jonathan Shubs





CHF 450.–

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Label-Nr. 23066


About this course

This course creates 12 distinct treatment patterns based on the I Ching Ba Gua, the Unified Acupuncture Theory, and the Balance Method. These 12 patterns can treat an array of internal functional problems with a particular focus on anxiety and insomnia. These 12 patterns are based on three main concepts - dynamic interactions, static interactions, and the meridian code. The combination of these three concepts together enable treatment on many levels, including musculoskeletal problems, functional affections, internal imbalances, and psychological and emotional disbalances.


«Jonathan Shubs has a very warm manner and a genuine interest in passing on his knowledge. He was very aware and sensitive to the needs of the group.

Elaine Y., Participant

About the Teacher


Jonathan Shubs

Geboren in Toronto, Kanada. TCM-Studium am Institut Shao Yang in Lyon, Frankreich. Spezialisierung in Japanischer, Koreanischer und Fünf-Elemente-Akupunktur. Jonathan Shubs hat sich auch mit Tai Qi und Qi Gong auseinandergesetzt. Zuerst in Toronto unter Prof. Sifu Philip Mo, später bei Prof. Zhi-Zhong Wang in Beijing und Prof. Mingchun Mao von der Shanxi University in Taiyuan. Führt eine TCM-Praxis in Lausanne.

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