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Combining Western Herbs and Chinese Medicine:
15-day Basic Training

Jeremy has developed a new practical system for diagnosis and treatment that integrates Western herbal traditions, Chinese medicine and Phytopharmacology. This 15-day training provides the foundation for this system, and is the foundation for safe and effective treatment, using Western herbs.

This course at a glance


06. – 08.03.2020

19. – 21.06.2020 findet neu online statt

11. – 13.09.2020 findet neu online statt
20. – 22.11.2020 findet neu online statt

26. – 28.03.2021 findet neu online statt


Fr. – Su., 9:00–17:00


105 hours

Teaching team: 

Jeremy Ross and Dr. Lingky Tan-Bleinroth




Lecture notes: 

The lecture notes for this course will be available in both German and English.
Please define your preferred language in the sign-up form below.


CHF 2 950.–

Registration deadline:

March 24, 2021, 15:00 h (fifth weekend)

Recognition TCM Fachverband:

Label-No. 20009, 105 hours recognized




About this course

Who can benefit from this course?

This course is suitable for practitioners with a basic understanding of the organ syndromes of Chinese medicine. For example, doctors, acupuncture practitioners, Western herbalists, and Chinese herbalists. No prior training in Western herbs or Chinese herbs is required.

Note: This training is about Western herbs, although a few Chinese herbs are included.

Combining Western Herbs, Chinese Medicine, and Phytopharmacology

Jeremy has developed a new system that successfully integrates three paradigms:

  • Western herbal tradition

  • Chinese medicine

  • Phytopharmacology


This 15-day training provides the foundation for this system, and is the foundation for safe and effective treatment, using Western herbs.


Practical training

The 15-day training emphasizes clinical practice, and participants are encouraged to use the herbs in clinical practice from the second day of the training, and given full details of dose, dispensing and safety.

New system of Diagnosis and Treatment 

Jeremy has developed a new practical system for diagnosis and treatment that can be used in both acupuncture and herbal medicine. This system is useful for beginners and advanced users alike. This system makes choice of single herbs and herb combinations quick, easy, and accurate.

4 Imbalances and 5 Organs

The heart of this new system is the concept that all illness can be defined in terms of the 4 main things that go wrong with energy of the body: Deficiency, Stagnation, Disturbance, and Excess. The principles of treatment to correct these Imbalances are tonify, move, calm, and drain respectively.


Differential Questions

There are over 90 different Organ syndromes in Chinese medicine. Jeremy's system simplifies this complexity by organizing these syndromes in terms of the 4 Imbalances. And for each syndrome, 3 Differential Questions are given that distinguish it from similar syndromes. These Differential Questions are easily understood by patients, and make differential diagnosis and herb choice much easier for the practitioner.

Online support

The following free material is available online to participants:

  • Interactive PDF of Patient and Herb Diagrams

  • Video explaining the interactive PDF

  • Video explaining 4 Imbalances and 5 Organs

  • Video explaining Differential Questions

Course texts

The following 3 textbooks are essential for the course:

  • Integrative Chinesische Medizin by Jeremy Ross: publication date early 2020

  • Eine Klinische Materia Medica, 2. Auflage by Jeremy Ross

  • Die Rezepturen: Der sichere Weg zur individuellen Verschreibung by Jeremy Ross

Herb Tasting

Herb tasting is an excellent way for practitioners to learn about the energetics of the herbs by direct experience. And it's fun!

  • single herbs over 20 different Western herbs are tasted during the 15-day training, and systematic records are kept of tastes, temperature effects, and direction of energy

  • herb combinations over 20 different herb combinations are tasted and tested, so that practitioners can feel the effectiveness of these combinations in their own bodies.


Tasting is voluntary


«Das Fachwissen kombiniert mit der Prise englischem Humor von Jeremy Ross, beides ist einfach einmalig. Jeremy ist ein hochqualifizierter Referent. Ich wünschte, er wäre mehr in der Schweiz zu hören.»

Yvonne K., Participant


«Klare Strukturen. Transparenz und Gliederung des Stoffes. Die Persönlichkeit von Jeremy Ross selber. Er schafft ein echte Auseinandersetzung mit den Teilnehmern und dem Stoff.»

Eve R., Participant

About the Teachers

Jeremy Ross.jpg

Jeremy Ross

  • Jeremy studied biology at the University of Birmingham, specializing in plant physiology and biochemistry. He gained a Licentiate in acupuncture in 1977 and a Doctorate in acupuncture1985. 

  • He became a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists UK in 1982 and completed a two-year training in Chinese herbal medicine with Ted Kaptchuk in 1988, followed by further training at the International College in Nanjing, China. 

  • For 25 years, Jeremy Ross has specialized on the integration of Western Herbs, Chinese Medicine, and Phytopharmacology. He is the international leader in this field, and the author of three textbooks on this topic.


Lingky Tan-Bleinroth

  • Medical doctor for general medicine. Medical studies at University Witten / Herdecke and USA. General medicine training in Bonn, Berlin and Brussels.

  • Since 1987, education and training in Chinese medicine with Jeremy Ross, Yuning Wu, Wang Ju-Yi (Applied Channel Theory), Radha Thambirajah et al.

  • Diploma in Naturopathic Medicine; A- and B-Diploma in Acupuncture (German Medical Association); ÖÄK Diploma in acupuncture and TCM.

  • Since 2005 in clinical practice in Vienna.

  • Since 2009 teaching Combining Western herbs and Chinese medicine in Austria, Germany, Portugal and Poland together with Jeremy Ross.

  • Study visit to Beijing from 2013 - 2016.

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