Intl. Certification Program for Oncology Acupuncture (AUSGEBUCHT)

The International Certification Program provides the Western and Chinese medical background for practitioners to achieve the necessary competence to treat cancer patients. The program provides practical tools for TCM practitioners so they can treat cancer patients with confidence.

This course at a glance

Dates On-site Seminar:

Sa./So., 23./24.11.2019; 9:00–17:00

Dates Online Module: 

Begin anytime

Hours On-site Seminar: 

14 hours

Hours Online Module: 

15 hours


Dr. Yair Maimon




Cost On-site Seminar:

CHF 450.–

Cost Online Module:

CHF 450.–


About this course

On-site Seminar


This seminar is part of the International Certification Program for Oncology Acupuncture offered by TCM Academy of Integrative Medicine. The seminar can be taken as a stand-alone course. However, we advise to complete the full program for the best possible learning experience.


Course Description


Oncology acupuncture is a special field which offers the acupuncturist distinct tools to help both patients with cancer and patients who have had cancer in the past.


The program offers the knowledge and practical tools for the treatment of cancer patients. The lectures cover a breadth of subjects, including: analysis of cancer patterns, evaluating pre-existing conditions, side effects of chemotherapy, treatment of the immune system, case studies, special needle techniques, diagnosis and treatment of different types of cancer, as well as understanding oncology acupuncture research.


Participants will be able to practically apply their newly acquired knowledge immediately.

Online Module


The online module covers a variety of subjects in both Allopathic and Chinese Medicine, creating the foundations needed to start treating patients undergoing oncology therapies.


During the online learning process you will be guided through an array of courses, each with built-in tests. The on-site seminar is designed to complement the online module, as well as to complete certification in Integrative Oncology Acupuncture.
On-site Seminar (see opposite side)


The time spent together at the on-site seminar will allow for a direct education and interaction that modern technology cannot provide. You will meet other practitioners, study together, and get the opportunity to find answers to any questions that may arise in the online module.


How to Complete the Program


  • In order to complete this program and receive certification, you need to complete the 14 short courses of the online module as well as the on-site seminar.

  • The online module consists of 14 courses with a total of 15 hours

  • An additional 15-20 hours must be calculated for studying the material and completing the tests

  • The online module can be completed at

  • We advise to complete the online module prior to the on-site seminar

«“ It was very easy to watch all the videos at home in my own time. I learnt a lot about the how to combine of eastern and western medicine.  The lectures cut in small peaces which make it very easy to learn, I highly recommend it.”»

Sabine P., Participant

«“ It was my first experience with e-learning and it was really great…. The quizzes stimulate you to learn even deeper on top of than watching the great videos. ”»

Tom V., Participant

About the teacher

Dr. Maimon is an internationally renowned figure in the field of Integrative and Chinese Medicine with over 25 years of clinical, academic, and research experience in the United States, Europe, and Israel. Dr. Maimon integrates complementary and western medicine in his own unique way. He combines a vast background of TCM styles with a wide clinical and teaching experience. His teaching is clear and inspiring.

Dr. Yair Maimon