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Clinical Applications – Dynamic 4 Needles 5 Elements


With just four needles and instant feedback on treatment efficacy, the practitioner and the patient elevate the treatment process to a collaborative experience. The practitioner verifies his or her diagnosis instantly, and the patient feels involved and assured of the targeted outcome.

This course uses Sa’am’s Korean four-needles acupuncture method to tonify, disperse, warm, or cool any meridian in the body. By using only four needles (two on each side of the body), the practitioner can initiate powerful changes in the body. Through adding abdominal palpation, acupuncturists can make a precise diagnosis and also receive instant feedback to the effectiveness of their treatments. This course consists of the following units:

  • An explanation of traditional Five Elements points in the body and their use in a dynamic system
  • Method of selection and step-by-step systematic understanding of how to choose the four needles
  • Abdominal palpation for precise diagnosis and instant feedback


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to...

  • identify the affected element and choose the correct points to treat the affected element
  • use abdominal palpation to diagnose and get instant feedback
  • understand the interactive nature of the 5 Elements and how to use them
  • tonify, disperse, warm or cool a meridian using the 5 Elements system


<Shubs, Jonathan

Jonathan Shubs

Über Jonathan Shubs

Geboren in Toronto, Kanada. TCM-Studium am Institut Shao Yang in Lyon, Frankreich. Spezialisierung in Japanischer, Koreanischer und Fünf-Elemente-Akupunktur. Jonathan Shubs hat sich auch mit Tai Qi und Qi Gong auseinandergesetzt. Zuerst in Toronto unter Prof. Sifu Philip Mo, später bei Prof. Zhi-Zhong Wang in Beijing und Prof. Mingchun Mao von der Shanxi University in Taiyuan. Führt eine TCM-Praxis in Lausanne.



Anfang:  09-06-2018
Ende:  10-06-2018
Zeit:  Sa./So., 9:00–17:00 Uhr
Ort:  Chiway Academy
Sprache:  Englisch
Kosten:  450,-
Lernzeit:  14 h
Kategorie:  Akupunktur, Diagnose
Anerkennung:  SBO-TCM

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